Food insecurity is rooted in financial insecurity.

Hardworking families have money for groceries, but not always at the right time. When families have unexpected high bills, dips in income, or are waiting for their next paycheck they regularly must cut food. Parents skip meals. Kids don’t get the nutritious food they need.


Tend empowers families to make sure they always have healthy food.

With technology that helps families pre-buy and save groceries, Tend empowers families to make sure they have the healthy food they need next time money is tight. And with special Tend Grocery discounts, Tend is a smart way to make the most out of a tight grocery budget.

Does your family sometimes struggle to buy the food you need?
We believe in you. And we’re here to support you as you work to build a better future for your family.

Fighting the Hunger Epidemic in Working Families
by Tim at Tend (on Medium)




Tim Gernitis
Founder, CEO

Tim spent 8 years at eBay. He built a marketing analytics team that worked to improve consumer response to targeted marketing. Before Tend Grocery, Tim and Mark co-founded a food related consumer mobile business that made social recommendations based on automatic place detection. Previously Tim researched internet and ecommerce companies at Merrill Lynch. Tim lives in Menlo Park, CA with his wife and two young boys.


Mark Gernitis

Mark spent 11 years at Goldman Sachs. He developed custom financial products to meet client’s needs. Before Tend Grocery, Mark and Tim co-founded a food related consumer mobile business that made social recommendations based on automatic place detection. Mark lives in San Francisco, CA with his wife.



Jeff McClelland
ex-Coca Cola

Jeff is recently retired as VP of Strategy and Business Development at The Coca-Cola Company. He was responsible for long term planning, e-commerce/digital integration and strategic projects across the Walmart/Sam’s Club account team. Jeff’s career at Coca-Cola spanned multiple disciplines including marketing and category advisory.


Michael Minasi

Michael was previously CEO of PureRED Integrated Marketing. Before that, he spent 19 years at Safeway. As President of Marketing he pioneered Safeway’s online shopping, digital loyalty, and private-label experiences. Prior to that he held numerous positions with Toys "R" Us.


Steve Yankovich

Steve is Chief Product Architect at eBay where he is responsible for eBay’s end-to-end product experience. Steve built eBay’s mobile business and lead efforts that pioneered connecting offline and online, brining digital into the retail space. Steve’s founded and eventually sold Movaris, a business process management technology company. He currently sits on the board of Rosetta Stone.


Brad Porteus
OXL Group

Brad is Global Head of People & HR at the OLX Group (a Naspers company). He leads HR and corporate communications for The OLX Group - the global leader in online classifieds with trading platforms in 40+ countries. He was previously CEO of OXL Southeast Asia, CMO at Elance, and Yelp’s first VP of Marketing.


Gary Swart
Polaris Partners

Gary is a General Partner at Polaris Partners. He’s an advisor, coach, mentor and investor in people and businesses that leverage under-utilized assets and excess capacity. Previously Gary was CEO of oDesk (now UpWork), the world’s largest online workplace for freelancers. He represents Polaris on the boards of Quantcast, SimplyInsured, FloQast, Falkonry, and Qstream.




Tend is built in cooperation with and funded by The Coca-Cola Company.

Tend is built in cooperation with and funded by Coca-Cola.